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Here at Lila Lounge, we have carefully chosen the highest quality products and tools and are experts in helping you select the best route for your lashes, and lip shape and color, while also taking your personal preferences into careful consideration.


Lash Extensions

Light weight single synthetic hair like fibers attached to a single natural lash one by one. Every set is uniquely catered to the client’s natural lash. For those who desire a more natural, every day look. 

A mixture of single synthetic hair-like fibers and handmade fans attached to a single natural lash to create texture or fullness. Great for those who desire a glamorous look. 

This volume set is uniquely handcrafted by using multiple very fine synthetic hair like fibers which are formed into a fan and attached to each natural lash. This look is very dark and dense packed with drama.


Glamorous AKA

Dramatic AKA Volume

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Lip Blush


A semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure achieved by depositing pigments (ink) in your lips using a tiny mechanical needle. This cosmetic procedure is not like traditional tattoos. The results are subtle and natural-looking. The benefits are long-lasting defined healthy looking colored lips. It helps the symmetry of the shape and size of the lips for a perfect pout. 

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"Words cannot describe how thankful I am that I found Judy as my lash artist. I have been a regular client for over 5 years and cannot speak more highly of her. Judy is diligent, reliable, and devoted to both her family and business. Her quality of work is consistent and thorough which is why I have no complaints commuting from the valley to see her every couple of weeks. Judy is exceptional!"
- Jennifer S.

 “I have been going to Judy for eyelash extensions for just under 6 months after my previous artist moved out of state. Judy takes her time, she’s a perfectionist and truly takes pride in her work. She makes sure you are comfortable and always happy with the end look! I also appreciate that Judy has a flexible schedule. I cannot say enough good things about her work and I would absolutely recommend her!”
 - Judy A.         

“Judy does such impeccable work. Her attention to detail is spot on and she provides great comfort to her clients in every session she does. Judy is understanding and she attempts to accommodate her customers the best that she can. She makes me feel beautiful every single time. Thank you Judy! You have some serious talent and I am so happy to be one of your customers!”
-Bonnie G.

“I’ve been getting my lashes done since 2011. I’ve gone to various estheticians but I definitely think Judy has been the best. She listens to my requests and caters to the style lashes I like. Judy has amazing attention to detail. She does precise work and because of this my lash retention is fantastic.
Judy takes sanitation very seriously and I always feel safe in her hands.”
-Kate F.

Judy Soukkaseum is a 9-year experienced esthetician from Anchorage, Alaska who specializes in eyelash extensions artistry. In 2022 after 8 years of just provide lash extensions to the great people of Alaska, she decided to expand her services to other avenues in the beauty industry. She completed her Permanent Cosmetic Coloring apprenticeship under the instructions of Thao Cole at Thao Cole Artistry. With the experiences and knowledge she gained, it allowed her to focus on quality and design, uniquely catering to each one of her clients. 


Appointment Policy:


Same day appointments are not accepted. Lash Extensions and Permanent Makeup Services are meticulous and are specifically scheduled to allow for the service to be completed within the allotted time. It is recommended to book your appointment at least one to two weeks prior to the date you would like your services completed. Please visit the LILA Lounge website to see our current calendar and schedule your appointment. Contacting staff directly for booking is discouraged as we are typically with clients and may not respond for 24 hours.

Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel your appointment, please notify LILA Lounge, LLC within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee of $50.
If your scheduled service is a Lash Extension Full Set Service, you will be charged the full cost of the service (Lash Extension Full Sets Services are reserved for two to three hours). Please make sure that you can commit to your appointment. Although we sympathize with illnesses and family emergencies, we cannot be responsible for last-minute cancellations or no-shows. Unfortunately, exceptions to this policy are not permitted.

Tardiness Policy:

If you arrive less than 15 minutes late, we can still accommodate you, but your appointment will end at the scheduled time, and you will be expected to pay the full-service fee.

“Kid-free” Policy:

Although we enjoy seeing your children. We Politely ask you to keep your children at home if possible. The children's safety and the clients comfort are our biggest concerns. This allow us to dedicate your appointment to you and only you and also our fellow clients to fully relax. If you must bring your children we ask that you bring someone to supervise or sit with your children quietly during your service. 

Payment Policy:

LILA Lounge accepts credit card (through Square Card Reader) or cash. We do not accept Venmo, Cash App, or checks.

Refund Policy:

There will be no refunds upon completion of services.